Help Ukraine

Dear customers,

Dear fellow tourist accommodation owners,

We thus come to appeal to all people who can help, to sign up for the recent platform created by the Regional Government of the Azores, to support Ukrainian refugees with accommodation or a job.

We will not stand by undaunted, watching this war through our screens, as a tyrant destroys a nation, a culture, and millions of lives... As everyone knows, the Azores are a small paradise on earth, still unknown to most of the world. It turns out that here, for now, we are quite safe and have a good quality of life. We have a good health service, good schools, and especially good people with a hospitable spirit. 
One problem in the Azores, as a result of the large emigrations that took place in the past, is that we have a small population, compared to what we had in the 50s, for example. 
Here, on the island of Faial, it was the eruption of the Capelinhos volcano that triggered a large emigration, of about half of the population, to the USA, which we have not yet recovered. With this we want to alert, to one of the problems in our islands, which is the lack of human resources. In the most varied areas. One of them is tourism. There are no qualified human resources to work in this area. We also have a mostly aging population, in which young people continue to emigrate abroad or to other parts of the country. 
So, with the right initiatives, we can help improve our population, and therefore our regional economy. We will support and welcome these people, as others have done with our ancestors, and it was not so long ago. Most of our population still has family members abroad who emigrated due to natural disasters that occurred here. 
Let's open our arms, our homes and businesses to Ukraine! 
This is the appeal we make.