Two Days in Faial

“What to do in 2 days in Faial?”

Following our article on staying in Faial, and at the request of many of our guests, here is a suggested program for 2 days on our island.

There are several things that you can’t really miss on the island of Faial, the view of Caldeira being one of them, the Interpretative Center of the Capelinhos Volcano, Porto Pim Beach, Peter Café, Whalewatching … among others! But let’s try to fit everything in two days:

1st day: Start with a good breakfast here at H18, or if you are coming by boat or by plane, start with check-in at our accommodation and take the opportunity to take all your doubts with us.

Then, we advise you to continue on the north side of the island, passing by the Miradouro de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, where you can take some fantastic pictures of the city and of Praia do Almoxarife.

Then go down towards the beach for a nice swim in the sea. Then, you can have a coffee at the Mini-Mar, a restaurant and cafe of reference on our island, and one of the oldest.

Follow the path towards the edge of Ribeirinha, where you can visit the ruins of the Lighthouse and take some more artistic photos. Then go in the direction of Caldeira, because if you start the day early, you can be in the Caldeira between 12:00 and 13:00, being the hour when the sun is “highest” and from there you are more likely to see the caldeira all uncovered .

At this point you will be hungry again, and we advise you to go down towards Cedros, where you can have lunch at Restaurante Aldina! Traditional and homemade food, and great service always! Prices are also taken into account, and with the added value of having a mini market, where you can buy snacks for the following trip.

Continue towards the Capelinhos Volcano, but before arriving there is a mandatory stop to go down to Fajã da Praia do Norte. Then, get some more beautiful pictures on the fajã beach, with a beautiful landscape.

Arriving at the volcano, visit the Interpretative Center, which takes about an hour. You must end the visit at the top of the lighthouse, and if it is late afternoon and depending on the time of year, you can see a magnificent sunset there.

Then you can still take a dive in the small harbor, Porto do Comprido, which is “next door”, and has crystal clear waters and several small pools, why not enjoy it?

Then, follow the south side of the island, which depending on the hours, can still book dinner in the restaurants of Varadouro village, being mandatory stop to see the natural pool of Varadouro, and if there is time go for a swim!

As there should not be much daylight left, when you arrive in the city, you must go to Peter café to drink his famous gin tonic, or just see the views of the city at night, take a walk on the avenue, take a walk on the beach of porto pim…or not! You can just stay at the Gin and enjoy the nigth 🙂

2nd day: I advise you to take the Whalewatching trip early in the morning, which will take about 4 hours! And that’s all for the morning! When you return from the trip, I recommend lunch at the Genuíno restaurant, with a beautiful view over Porto Pim Beach. After lunch, and as you must be tired from the previous night (Peter’s Gin) and whales in the morning (sailing is tiring), I recommend a visit to the Whale factory museum, and then a swim on the beach.

Depending on the time and where you are going to leave the island, the view from the “Monte da Guia” over Porto Pim and the city should also be mandatory.

Then go to the airport or to the harbor to take the boat to the next island!

And this is it! It is not enough for everything, but it is possible for a few little things if the time is well managed!


Enjoy your trip!