How many days in Faial?

Dear future guests,

We often receive this question from our customers: How many days do you think I should stay in Faial? or "How many days do I need to visit Faial?"

Well, finally we will answer what goes on in our soul: Stay a week or two. You need a lifetime to get to know Faial and the locals.

This is our truth. 2 or 3 days are not enough to get to know each street, each trail, each restaurant, each museum, each guy in the local shops, our maritime-tourist agents, our guides, our animals, ... It is necessary to feel our experiences, to want to stay here and really enjoy our island.

But, as in the real world, vacation days are actually counted, here is a tip for those who have little time and a lot of desire to "run": come visit the triangle islands for a week, and stay 2 days in Faial, 2 days in Pico and 2 days in São Jorge. The 7th day is up to you! 2 days on each island gives you a vague idea of ​​each one :)

The best thing is the ease of transportation between these 3 islands, because you land on one of them by plane, and go by boat to the others.

Bon Voyage!