Friend’s Day

After all, what's this friends day all about? "Compadres" Day and "Comadres" Day?

Well, it's another AZORIAN tradition! Everything is an excuse for a party! Haha

In fact, these are days dedicated to friendship, which include affectionate messages and dinners with laughter! 

It is estimated that the tradition is more than 100 years old, when in the various parishes on each island people met on Thursdays to pick up cereals and took the opportunity to socialize. 
Over the years, the tradition has remained but adapted to our modern day life!

Thus, the four Thursdays before Carnival are dedicated to these friendship festivals. 
The first Thursday is dedicated to friends (only men), the second (which was last week) to friends (only women) and the following to "compadres" or godfathers (today Thursday the 1st) and "comadres" or godmothers (next Thursday the 8th) .

On Thursdays dedicated to men, it's normal to go out here and only see man on the restaurants!
On Thursdays dedicated to women, we usually just see women on the streets and restaurants!

These days, when we are all busy with everyday life, these festivities are much appreciated. 
It's the ideal excuse to "stop time" and spend quality time with our friends.

Have fun!!

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