Azores Clean&Safe

For those who still do not know the Clean & Safe Azores seal, or what it means or implies, here is a brief explanation for all those interested, whether they are our guests or not.

The adaptation and implementation of the seal in the Azores is the responsibility of the Regional Directorate for Tourism and its attribution is subject to an online training that is provided to companies and participating entities. In training, we were given a manual of good practices in tourism, which aims to ensure that all public health issues are safeguarded, for visitors and for professionals in the sector, while also strengthening confidence in the Azores as a tourist destination.

The COVID-19 Manual of Good Practices is the starting point for obtaining the specific “Clean & Safe” seal for the Azores, which will be made available by thematic modules, after incorporating the contributions of the various entities representing the sector.

After the training, each participant was given the kit of the respective seal, and its maintenance will imply a strong commitment on the part of all companies, with regard to the implementation and monitoring of the actions and rules underlying the document.

And this is it! We are ready to receive you safely!