Covid -19

Global pandemic status has been declared by the WHO because of the new virus corona, and we want all our customers to know, that H18 is also taking as precautionary measures and the contingency plan suggested by the Directorate-General for Health, which ended once specific guidance for hotels and accommodations, with specific prevention and control measures.

For those interested, you can consult the document at the following link:

We cannot fail to express our concern for the future of our company, but we are also concerned with the fact that the Azores do not have yet positive cases, that are likely to cause great interest on the part of tourists looking for a vacation spot. We continue to receive reservations for this summer.
But we are not naive enough to think that this virus will not get here. It will arrive sooner or later unfortunately ...
We will obviously not refuse reservations, and we will comply with our free cancellation policy up to 14 days before check-in.
We have a lot to lose if you start canceling your summer reservations (employees to pay...), but we have more to lose if people contaminated by Covid-19 really come on holidays to the Azores.
We have a civic duty in the face of a pandemic state. Let's all abide by the rules!