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Sahara dust in the Azores

It is not the first time that we witness this phenomenon here in our islands. We are nicknamed the islands of “Bruma” by our mystical fog, that from time to time invade us, and now comes the dust of the Sahara desert in search of a little bit of our spotlight! These days, the sky

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What to do in Faial on a rainy day

Here in the Azores we all know what it’s like to be on vacation in the summer and catch a rainy day! Like today! It is very boring when activities are not planned for a day like this, so here are some suggestions for activities you can do: – After having our wonderful breakfast, you

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Miosotis Azores

It is with great pleasure and enormous pride that we announce that we will continue to be linked to the Miosotis Award, promoted by the Regional Environment Directorate. What is the Miosotis Azores prize? With a growing focus on innovative products, tourism is synergistically combined with the environmental aspect, generating inseparable activities and in close

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