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Help Ukraine

Dear customers, Dear fellow tourist accommodation owners, We thus come to appeal to all people who can help, to sign up for the recent platform created by the Regional Government of the Azores, to support Ukrainian refugees with accommodation or a job. We will not stand by undaunted, watching this war through our screens,

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Sahara dust in the Azores

It is not the first time that we witness this phenomenon here in our islands. We are nicknamed the islands of “Bruma” by our mystical fog, that from time to time invade us, and now comes the dust of the Sahara desert in search of a little bit of our spotlight! These days, the sky

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Discover Faial

For a long long time, we all complained about the lack of a website that contained all the tourist information about our island… Well, this website has now arrived at the hands of the Sustainable Tourism Association of Faial Island (aka ATSF). ATSF is an association that has existed since 2018 and brings together

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